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10 things Apple needs to do to create the ultimate MacBook Pro

I don’t agree with most points. First off I do agree with a SSD for the system. I wonder if I will do that on my Mac Pro too. But then some of the rest.

Don’t forget that the Macbook Pro has to be (and stay) a professional tool for pro’s too. I do a lot of films and editing. When I am on a filmset and I need to edit on the spot I always have a disc with me just in case the program crashes and has to reinstall. (Had to do it in the past twice). If you don’t have internet nearby, you are screwed…and so is your project.Secondly, my clients still use DVD’s to deliver content like film- photo- and musicfootage. I must be able to open them!About those BIG discs. Use portable Thunderbolt drives in the future. It keeps your macbook light and robust. So, no, dont include a huge TB disc in the sys. Just a 512gb SSD

Point 4 I agree with and the other points are eyecandy that wont revolutionize the system.Point 8: Why not build a dock into the keyboard?

My wanted list:

- Illuminated keys

- Removable Keyboard. Interchangeble with keyboards for Avid, FCP, Aftereffects, Photoshop and then some.

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