10 stories to read this weekend

The first weekend edition of Om Says was well received and many of you have encouraged me to collate this list every weekend.  I am taking a much-needed break this weekend (and I started early), but I couldn’t leave without sharing some of the stories that I found enjoyable and useful.

  • Post rationalization is an innovator’s best friend. I do believe that being illogical and non-linear is the best way to break from the past and find new ways. Remember, it worked for Captain Kirk.
  • It’s hardly a surprise that folks believe we are seeing The end of the Focus Group.
  • In praise or hate of Michael Lewis. I kinda agree with Scott Locklin, who wrote this post, but I also think Lewis is damn fun to read.
  • Why the impossible happens more often, Kevin Kelly writes. Enough said. This is the only piece you need to read to understand the complexity of modern times with tech context.
  • Are any of the patents Google got from Motorola any good? A Techdirt analysis that goes deeper than the link from last week, which got some guff from readers.
  • Why good advertising works when you think it doesn’t. I guess this is what Don Draper 2.0 would say.
  • Four trends in context awareness and the mobile web. The content may seem obvious to all, but it is still worth seeing.
  • How hard is the local search problem? The answer is, “very hard.”
  • I’m about to move and have a lot of decisions to make. That’s why I found this post, Questions to ask your things when un-cluttering, very helpful.
  • The fallacy of monetizing OTT against the greater threat from Under the Floor (UTF) players. If you’re a telecom nerd like I am, then you’re going to enjoy Dean Bubley’s analysis of the shifting landscape.

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  • Flash analysis: lessons from Solyndra’s fall
  • OpenFlow and beyond: future opportunities in networking
  • Building a better paywall: strategies for monetizing news content

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