The iPhone 4S Looks Like A Hit: AT&T Got 200,000 Pre-Orders In 12 Hours (AAPL)

tim cook iphone 4s announcement

Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 4S on Tuesday.

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steve jobs face

Apple has another hit on its hands with the iPhone 4S.

ATT says that it’s already received 200,000 orders in its first 12 hours on sale, calling it “the most successful iPhone launch we’ve ever had.”

By way of comparison, Apple reported 600,000 preorders in the first 24 hours that the iPhone 4 was on sale last year.

But the day’s only half over, and this time Apple has three carriers instead of just one.

Apple unveiled the phone on Tuesday. It got some criticism for being a relatively minor upgrade — a lot of folks were expecting an iPhone 5 with a brand new form factor. But there was really no business reason for Apple to shake things up too much, since the iPhone 4 has been such a hit, with sales steadily increasing every quarter since it went on sale.