SinglePlatform Scores A Big Partnership With Foursquare And Brings Its 400,000 Restaurant Menus To Millions Of New Users

Wiley Cerilli

First Round Capital

SinglePlatform, a New York startup that works with restaurants to bring their menus and businesses online, has a new big partnership with Foursquare.

It is embedding its database of 400,000 menus into Foursquare’s app, website and API.  Anyone who has access to Foursquare’s API will be ale to integrate the menus into their apps and sites too.

SinglePlatform’s database has 13,000,000 menu items from restaurants in more than 13,000 U.S. cities.  Founder Wiley Cerilli says SinglePlatform will be launching internationally soon too.

“This partnership came together very naturally because both companies are trying to solve huge problems within the local space,” Cerilli tells us. “Foursquare wants to help their millions of users discover places and things, and we want to help our 400,000 local businesses get discovered and marketing what they have.”

SinglePlatform is also, of course, pumped that Foursquare will be publishing its menus to its 15,000,000 users too.

“Starting today, you’ll be able to click through to menus on the right hand side of venue pages that have menu information,” Foursquare writes about the partnership on its blog. “At a lot of these restaurants, we’ve also added a pricing icon to give you a quick sense of how fancy a night you’re in for. (You’ll see pricing information on your Explore results, too!)”