Here’s How to Win $5k For Your Favorite Non-profit

Wanna win $5000 for your favorite non-profit? All it takes is to post a slide deck on Sliderocket for this contest called Make an Impact. Your presentation needs to be posted before March 28, and probably as soon as possible so you can begin promoting it and get some views. The four presentations with the most unique presentation views and judged to have the best storyline, composition and compelling cause will each win a $5,000 donation to their non-profit.

You don’t have to be employed by the non-profit to enter: just designate who is going to get the dough if you win. The winning entries will be based on the strength of your story, presentation composition, and your non-profit’s potential to make an impact.

Good luck! It is a great idea, and showcase’s SlideRocket’s process to collaborate too.