HEATMAPS: What You’re Actually Looking At When You Look At Facebook (FB)

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Ed Yourdon / Flickr, CC

Facebook: What’s she looking at?

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A recent study by Facebook ad buyer AdParlor showed that mobile ads on Facebook are much more effective—and much cheaper—than its regular ads. In fact, Facebook now books $500,000 a day in mobile advertising, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analysts on his Q2 2012 conference call.

But EyeTrackShop, a market research company that specializes in producing heatmaps that track your eyeballs as you look at advertising to show what people actually pay attention to when presented with a computer or device screen, has called that into question with a study showing that more people miss ads on Facebook on mobile devices than on the iPad or a device with a larger screen.

The company says, “This study shows why the current business model for Facebok mobile ads does not work.”

The following slides are EyeTrackShop’s evidence.

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