Mozilla Hacks Weekly: This HTML5 blog-series is an undervalued resource for developers

Mozilla Hacks Weekly, first started in July 2011, is an HTML5-focused blog series written by the Developer Engagement Team at Mozilla. The series has been going strong ever since, and I believe it deserves much more attention than it has received, if only because of the ways it encourages open standards and continuous experimentation with new Web technologies.

Here are some of our favorite finds from the blog over the past month. If these are the kinds of resources that get you moving, you’re going to want to add this link to your RSS feed.

Spectacle: “A simple utility that allows you to easily organize your windows without using a mouse”

Piecon: “A tiny javascript library for dynamically generating progress pie charts in your favicons.”

Touch Targets for Application Design: “A deeper dive into designing touch-based interactions.”

CSS Style Guides: “Ordering properties is just one choice you have to make that makes up a complete styling strategy.”

Experimental Firefox OS web runtime on raspberry pi: “LinuxGL widget port, on YouTube”

Firebug tip: “Log function calls”

As a breed, developers are known for their love of exploring new territories, and so if you work pimarily with the Web, these resources are worth keeping tabs on. You can see every post via the link below:

➤ Mozilla Hacks Weekly

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