Chrome and Firefox Working Together to Make Web Apps Get Along

The developers of two of the most influential open-source Web browsers are working together on a feature that should make Web apps play together much more nicely. As we covered on ReadWriteHack yesterday, Google’s Chromium engineers announced that they’re working with Mozilla on a framework called Web Intents, the brainchild of Google developer Paul Kinlan. Firefox announced its project last month.

Web Intents, based on an existing capability in Google’s Android mobile OS, will let Web apps express a simple call for an action, like ‘share’ or ‘edit,’ which receiving apps will be designed to use, without either app needing to have specific knowledge of the APIs of the other. This way, instead of having to code for each specific Web app one might want to access, developers can just use these simple requests, which will be built into the browser. The Chrome and Firefox teams are each building this functionality for their own browser, but they’re combining their proposals to use a single API for Web app developers to reach both platforms.