The Women Who Made Google Plus: 22 Developers Behind the World’s Fastest Growing Social Network

womenofgoogleplus.jpgThe following are twenty engineers and web designers identified as integral to the making of Google’s new social network. Not included are a number of Community Management and marketing types, most notably site CM Natalie Villalobos, just because this is a day about computer programmers.

There were far more people, and far more women, who helped build Plus than those below, of course. Please feel free to add suggestions of Engineers and Designers and as they come in, I’ll add them to this sharable Google Plus Circle that anyone can subscribe to all at once.

Ana Ulin has been a developer at Google since 2005, after she graduated from the Chalmers University Of Technology in Sweden. She’s lived in Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Palo Alto. She loves to knit and was educated in Electrical Engineering. Ulin is in the picture above in the top right.

Frances Haugen is the Google Plus Profiles and Search Product Manager. She’s been at Google since 2006, has a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Olin and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Haugen takes interest in design and data. Haugen is in the bottom left of the photos above.

Denise Ho is a Stanford grad in Computer Science and a product manager at Plus, with a particular interest in the photos product.

Brynn Evans is a UX designer on Plus. We covered Brynn’s joining Google earlier this Summer.

Shimrit Ben-Yair is a Product Manager, and has an undergrad degree in Computer Science, Statistics and Operations Research from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Olga Wichrowska is an MIT educated computer scientist and software engineer. She’s pictured above on a mountain in Utah.

Kelly Ellis is a software engineer on the Google Plus team. Her life is awesome and she correctly notes on her profile that bubble tea is disgusting. Ellis is the one wearing sunglasses above.

Mimi Sun does software and data visualization for Plus, and comes from Nvidia and Rapleaf.

Lea Kissner is a cryptographer formerly of NASA, Xerox PARC and ATT.

Tammy Capistrant is an Engineering Programs Manager, has degrees in music performance and education and an MBA and has been at Google since 2003.

Janice MyintG is a Cornell-educated test engineer for Google Plus.

Emily Chang likes to use the feature in Google Plus where you only post things to your approved circles, not publicly, and I can’t find out anything more about her. Chang’s photo is in the bottom right above.

Sigalit Bar is in Israel and is a software engineer.

Jenny Murphy is a software engineer specializing in Developer Relations, which was what she did at Ning, too. Murphy’s the one with the green hair above.

Ye Kim is the UX Lead on Google Plus Mobile and Games; she got a Masters of Design at Carnegie Mellon but began doing design for Google before then. She’s been at Google since the very beginning of the company, in 1997.

Jen Hsieh is a Google+ Mobile Photos Software Engineer, coming to the company from Research In Motion and Morgan Stanley. Hsieh’s photo is in the top left.

Roshni Malani is a software engineer with a PhD. in Computer Science and Engineering from UC San Diego. Malani’s photo is the second from the left on the bottom.

Karen Liu is a software engineer who started at Google last year. She went to Carnegie Mellon University.

Joanne McKinley used to work on the Gmail mobile team, now she’s an engineer on the Google Plus Mobile team.

Shailu Chauhan has been a test engineering manager at Google for 7 years.

Madoka Hayashi has been doing visual design for Google since June.

Irene Chung, Tech Lead Manager on Google Plus, leads the stream feature of Plus, is widely admired on the team and has been at Google for 5 years, after working at Amazon and IBM.

Thank you, everyone above, for building such a compelling platform for people to share their thoughts with each other. Lives have no doubt been changed by Google Plus already and your work pushing forward the future of social networking is an inspiration.