This 20-Year-Old Girl Flaunted Her Wealth Online And Created A Big Scandal For China’s Red Cross

June 28, 2011


Image: via Guo Meimei’s microblog

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Meet Guo Meimei, the 20-year-old Chinese blogger who caused a major publicity crisis for China’s Red Cross after claiming to have a link to the organization and posting about her uber-luxurious lifestyle on Weibo, a popular Chinese blogging site. (via China Hush).

Guo, whose blog profile said she was “General Manager of RCSC Commercial Club” [RCSC stands for Red Cross Society of China], posted photos of what she claimed were her fancy cars, expensive handbags, and even a luxury villa on her microblog, according to China Daily.

Soon after, other bloggers started wondering whether Guo had financed her lifestyle out of money that had been donated to the Red Cross, China Daily reported.

The Red Cross, which was already under fire for alleged overspending and misuse of funds, is now facing an uproar from the online community, many of whom are saying they’ll never donate money to the organization again.

The organization reported Guo’s case to the police and have reserved the right to take legal action against her.

Guo’s microblog is still up and running — click here for the translated version. The most recent posts are apologies and a declaration that she has nothing to do with the Red Cross.

Article source: SAI


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